The Prof. Joachim Lenz Foundation

Responsibilities and objectives of the Foundation

The Prof. Joachim Lenz Foundation was founded in 2003 by the Institute for Pipeline Construction with the purpose of promoting the further education of Eastern European students and graduates. The presidency of the Foundation was assigned to Prof. Joachim Lenz, who had just retired and who had harboured the dream of being involved in youth exchanges for quite some time. In September 2014, Prof. Dr. Manfred Weisensee took over this office. Professor Lenz used the international contacts he had made over the course of his career to publicise the Foundation from the small city of Oldenburg right across the continent. Since its establishment, the Foundation has maintained close partnerships with many Eastern European universities, and continuously works on convincing other universities, professors and of course also companies, both at home and abroad, to cooperate with the Foundation. Through these cooperative relationships, many young engineers have the opportunity to be trained over the course of a one-year internship at a German company, experience our country, our language (sometimes even our dialects) and culture up close, and utilize the experience they have gained in their home country later on. For the companies who are offering internships, contacts are forged with people from different countries, so that economic ties may be established with these countries. Therefore, all participants benefit from taking part in an internship. Would you like to undertake a one-year internship at a German company or offer an internship to graduates from technical degree programmes related to pipeline construction?

We will be more than happy to help.