The Prof. Joachim Lenz Foundation

Foundation prize

FOUNDATION PRIZE “Young people build Europe” The Prof. Joachim Lenz Foundation awards a foundation prize amounting to €10,000 during the course of a foundation conference which takes place every three years. The prize distinguishes projects which incorporate close cooperation between Germany and at least one of its Eastern European neighbours. Cooperation in tried and tested projects, research and development projects which have been carried out by universities, or outstanding engineering work with a clear relation to the vital resources of energy and/or water or wastewater are considered prize-worthy. By awarding this prize, the Foundation pursues its objective of consolidating and strengthening relations between Germany and its Eastern European neighbours. Information on terms and conditions for applying may be found under DOWNLOAD in the Foundation Prize section.

Stiftungspreis 2018

Das Verlanden des Kühlwasser-speichers des Atomkraftwerks Tschernobyl und dessen Auswirkungen auf die aquatische Umwelt in der Region

Stiftungspreis 2015

Kapazitive Energien der nächsten Generation

Stiftungspreis 2012

Notsicherung der Schlossanlage Kurozweki bei Hochwasser